Saturday, October 27, 2012


783 page views, and 5 followers!
Thank you Me, Jammie263, XxSilverMockingjayxX, Mariam,and Skerrymalas(XxSpicyxX(?))

Just a quick notice, I will have a mini party for 1,000 page views :)

Delete and create new?

Hi guys ^3^....Again

I'm thinking of deleting this blog and creating a new one. I've made a ton of mistakes on this one..

If you guys want, I'll keep this one up so you can look at the old post and I will create a new one that post about anything I feel. Also, If Mariam (one of the followers and my BFF) accepts the request to contribute to this blog, she can post and I will make her a admin.

She is Fauna Magicviolet, except she's a non member now.

So long ~~


Im sorry guys I have to say this....But i'm not gonna post often..I haven't posted in a long time, I have a couple of blogs I need to keep up. I'm not gonna delete this blog, I'll keep it up. I'll be adding authors too. I just have a lot of homework (usually a math worksheet or 2, studying, reading, 4 Latin things).. Also, Thank you my 5 followers :D Im really glad that I got a couple of followers.I still will be posting sometimes! Along with my other authors if they accept. 

I needa update that lol

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Frankenstein mask are rare now?

Today, I was going to make a trade offer with my Frankenstein mask..But look...

It has the rare sign?
Hmm...Very interesting, Don't you think?
Also, Sorry i'm not posting much. I'm grounded from computer this week, It's morning when my mom isn't home so i'm posting.
There's a rumor, That if it has the rare sign, It will never come out again! 
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

New user!

Hello Jammers! This is just a small update. I will be changing my user to SammiHeart! :)