Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hello everyone! I am going to have a contest :)
The prize is a..........

A rare pirate bandana!
So I will post the questions :)

1. What was beta times?
2. What is the only pet that allows you to have NO eyes?
3. Did I change my user in 2011 or 2012?
4. What was my inspiration for this blog?

If your answer is not in the comments, It's because you got them all right! Woo!

Contest ends on August 31st.

Happy Birthday!

Today is Awesomegirl19001's 11th birthday! If you remember, She was the first buddy of the week! Happy birthday Bud!

Buddy of de random time ^.^

Coco236! He is the buddy of the random time. He's really caring and nice :)

Oh and, I am going to stop posting the main animal and stuff. Bye!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


People have taken dating to and edge! Today I saw someone saying "if you like having it come to my den". Like HELLO! There are little kids on AJ!

There is another person who does this she said "Boys if you want to have some fun come to my den"
See the wrongness in that sentence?

Buddy of the random time!

The buddy of the random time is...


She is this for a reason! :) But first for the info.

Main Animal: Fox
Main Animal's name: Lucky Fieryspirit

The reason is because she defended me after a fight with Thinkpink300, Bunnygirl04, and Dewdrop2100. Thanks bud!

Buddy of the random time!

Hayluc! She is the buddy of the random time!

Main animal: Seal
Main Animal's name: Infinity Articgirl

Im going back!

So I let my brother use my account while I was waiting for my guy to come back from vacation. I guess he came back early so im going to go back onto AJ and I, me, not my brother, will be at the party. :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012


She is really mean :(
She's like only foxes are called kits and my brother was using a bunny at the time I saw it all he told her that baby bunnies are also called kits right?


So i was somewhere and this girl wanted to trade fox hats. I said no thanks and then shes like
then shes like
and stuff like that

please report her she also said she would report my account


So like from now on instead of calling it Buddy Of the week I will just call it something....Different..
Please come to the party :)

Just to let you know..

Im just posting like nice jammers, scammers, hackers, and stuff like that. Im not posting new things unless i find them really intresting.


Hey guys! Im going to have my first party :)
Why: Because I want to celebrate the opening of the blog
When: Hmm, All day whenever im on
Server: Tigris! If it's full, You can still get on it
Date: Saturday, August 4th
Any random other things: It's going to be in my den, and we'll be moving around :)

NOTE: My brother will be on but I will be watching over. Besides, He helps me with the blog anyway.


Im so bored right now..

Oh and you can add either of these accounts




But i perfer you add StorageAndPrizes

2nd buddy of the week.

I just can't help it! From now on im just gonna post whenever i feel like it. The 2nd buddy of the week is samoldme.

Main animal: Fox

Main animal's name: Countess Berrypaw

Keep on jamming everyone! You could be one of the buddies of the week/day/random time XD

1st buddy of the week!

The first buddy of the week is Awesomegirl19001. She has been a great buddy to me and my brother (who is currently using my account) throughout all the times :)

Main animal: Fox
Main animal's name: Mythical Spiritclaw


Every week on my blog, I will post a nice jammer's username, Main animal's name, and Main animal. Could be my buddy or not. :)