Pawsome blogs!

So these are some blogs I would like you to see, If you want your added on, Put the URL in the comments. If I have put it without your permission and you want it taken off, Just tell me. If I put it on without permission and you want it there, Then don't do anything.

Jammie263's blog
Lovelost's Blog (even though she quit)
Fuzzy Shyivy's blog
Feeler's blog
Pizzadrop's blog
Greatshot's blog
Goofy8966's blog
Goldfishypuppy's blog
Ducier's Blog

So That's all im putting for now :)


  1. Could you add my blog? Name The Daily Howl
    Owner: Ducier


  2. Could you please add my blog?
    My name is RainbowRider and my blog's name is the Animal Jam Sizzle. The URL is
    Thanks! :)


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