Friday, August 31, 2012

Contest Winner!

So, As you know it's August 31st, The contest deadline! So here are the answers:

 1. What was beta times?

Beta time was when Animal Jam was testing.

  1. What is the only pet that allows you to have NO eyes?


3. Did I change my user in 2011 or 2012?


4. What was my inspiration for this blog?

I saw Animal Jam Flash, And that inspired me to make my own blog!

The winner is.....


She was the only one that entered but she still wins :P

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Buddy of the week!

Buddy of the week is....

She not only bought me things, but she is very kind and has a good sense of humor!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


So, I was in a fight today.

Here's a picture of after it
All peaceful again

All you have to say is

"Okay, Calm down everyone. I don't like his/her behavior either but we can't fight over it" And stuff like that. 

Dancing Dolphins!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pet finder glitch!

Hey y'all! There's a glitch that is very easy to do!

  1. Go to any pet finder
  2. Click the Next button
  3. Click the lever
  4. Click the exit 
  5. Press Leave before the lever stops
  6. Enjoy or Dislike the lever "music"
How to make it stop:

  1. Go to any pet finder
  2. Click next
  3. Click the lever again, This time let it fully run
No more of the lever "music"

I found this out on Snowyclaw's blog. 


Helping others!

So today I was saying "I accept all trades!"..You should try it too! First you put your unwanted items on trades. Then you go somewhere saying "I accept all trades!" If someone trades you a item you like, Then on the next batch just put the stuff you don't want that people traded you and keep the thing you want to keep! I did 8 batches before I gave the rest away. It's very fun and it helps people sometimes.


So he traded 2 phantom statues that I didn't want for my black glove so when I declined he said "Those are super rare even rarer than non member bat wings!" And I say "Those come out every Halloween" And he says "you do not know how to trade apple head" I don't remember the user but he also tried to trick me into thinking the glove he had was a real glove not a silver glove.

Glitch Pics!

Okay, Right now i'm not in a very good mood so I decided to do this.

I'm so annoyed that i'm going to get offline for now

Monday, August 27, 2012


I guess AJ decided to change "shamans" into "alphas". I personally liked shamans better. Why did they change it?

Hmmmm...Didn't the word shamans used to be where the word alphas is?

Click to enlarge 

Me :)

I saw 2 of my favorite bloggers today in picture...So I've decided to show what I look like too :)
Im in my sister's room. And yes, Those are braces.



So today I was looking at my friend's dens.
This is what I saw in 1 of them:

The outside
(click to enlarge)

Ain't it cool???

Words..On a clover blanket?

So today, I noticed there was some weird things on my seal's clover blanket.

What is it?


Hiya! Today is Rare Item Monday! Here it is...

Rare Lei!
Members only: No
Cost: 400 gems
Location: 1st page in Jam Mart Clothing

I really like it...And it's pretty cheap comparing to the other RIM's.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Epic dens...?

I was looking at all the epic dens and they were all member! Except the ones that were locked! They were ALL  member! I mean, I know they pay to be members but, Why can't non members have epic dens? My buddy Howlero has a super epic den. Im not sure if it's locked or not though.

Random my den?

Today, I logged onto Animal Jam and went to my den. There were 2 people there that I didn't even know! I didn't get a screenshot but im so confused right now >.<

Quitting...Not really

So I will be "quitting" On September 3rd or 4th because of school. I'm not really quitting, I'm just not gonna post so often. So, Have a great school year and I hope my teacher is nice >.<

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

3 blogs :D

I am trying to manage 3 blogs right now, lol.

If you would like the links, I put them below.

My personal blog: Life Of Me

Random Blog: Random Things Blog

Hope ya guys like 'em!

I am also contributing to Juniper's Animal Jam Blog


I tried today and it lets me post!! Yay!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Video :)

Check this vid out! Im in this video as Awesome Icyninja :) (A.K.A. Bunny in black wings, black crown, and black glove.

New blog maybe?

So guys, Im thinking of a blog where I write stories ONLY. Im not sure if I will do it or not but I will post the link if I really do it.

Buddy of the random time!

Pippin03! She's really nice and caring and she also has a great sense of humor!
Lol..That's all im writing.

She also bought me different colored bookshelfs! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Trading white bow..And sorry

Hey guys! I'm trading my white bow for some not so rare things so listen up!

Not rare things for members:

  • Any color wavy bookshelf (4) (not brown, green, or blue)
  • 4 different color crowns (not regular)
  • Different color anything besides original color (4)
I also accept den items.
Not rare things for non members:
Same things, Just doesn't have to be same thing. (1 dif color crown, 1 dif color moon necklace, Ect.)

Sorry for not posting in a while!

I no longer have the bow...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Check out this post! Please!

The girl you just called fat, she's overdosing on diet pills.
The girl you just called ugly, she spends hours putting makeup on.
The boy you just tripped, He is abused enough at home. 
That guy you just made fun of for crying, his mother is dying.
Put this as your signature if your against bullying.
I bet 95% of you wont re-post this, but i'm sure the people with a heart will.

This is officially my new signature :P

Bullies and buddy of the random time!

Hi Jammers! We have 2 bullies and a nice buddy in the house!
So I was at a trading party when Hotandpretty traded me a silver glove for my black mummy glove. She got mad when I declined so she said I BET YOU SCAM ALL THE STUFF YOU HAVE. So I told her it wasn't true. Then Anniec2002 decided she would join in, so she said: SHES RIGHT YOU SCAM ALL YOUR STUFF THAT YOU HAVE!! So that made me cry in real life. They kept saying stuff like that. Then Hotandpretty said: Let's kick this little scam out!  They then "beat" me up. When they left, I was so sad. I told everyone left I don't scam ( I really don't ) And one girl, The buddy of the random time, Believed me. Her user is spring88888! She told me that she believed that I don't scam. Thanks buddy :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Library Meanies :(

So today I made a library in my den and this person was just being rude and messing it up! I am sad because of that :(

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Den of the week!

Hello Jammers!
Every week I will feature a den that is amazing, organized, and I just plain like it. Unlike buddy of the random times, I am going to do it ONCE a week. Please don't ask to be the Den of the week person, as that will only make you more unlikely to get it.
So this week's Den of the week is...

Klfrr! Her den is locked so you have to add her to get in.
The reason I chose her den was because it had a theme, and it was packed was stuff in that theme! I think the theme was scary.