Sunday, November 18, 2012

Im considering quitting. And I mean it

Hi. I know I haven't made post in a long time, but im getting tired.

My reasons:

  • Citruscove265-He deleted me right after *Someone* left. I ask him nicely why he deleted me on his blog, but all he does is delete me comments. (Hint: You'll find who *someone* is.)
  • 4th grade sucks.....Especially my class. We have extra latin homework and writing thing. Not to mention math, reading, and sometimes social studies/science. Yippee.
  • Im not interested in AJ as much. Right now I only get on to talk with a couple people. Like our first buddy of the month/week (I don't remember), Awesomegirl19001 (I think that's her user im kinda lazy right now), Lovebug878790 (My BFF who introduced me), and the *someone*. Anyway, AJ to me now is just bullying, dating, scamming, bribing us to buy membership, and doing nothing (not trying to offend anyone, but these are my thoughts). Im more into CP (club penguin) and transformice. CP has updates often and fun adventures, and meanwhile transformice actually has a meaning to play. (I can be found Jazzynack on CP and Greengems on transformice)
I'll offer a prize if you can guess who *someone* is. You have 3 guesses ;)
P.S Im trying out dif signatures ^This is my online handwriting.


  1. Aww.. I really agree though, animal jam is getting boring. Hmm.. I'm going to guess that the someone is...

    a famous person who was your friend?

    no idea. xD


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