Friday, September 7, 2012

Complainers, Hackers, Scammers...

So as you saw the title you know I'm going to talk about them.

Ugh! I hate hackers alot. I have gotten hacked in 2011 and they took everything, And made my animals....Just crazy. I personally don't see why you have to hack when you have friends...Hacking is also illegal in some cases...Like outside of Animal Jam but let's not get off topic. Well, That's all I really have to say..

Accept my trade first, Then you get the ______! Okay! NO. NOT OKAY. Never risk being scammed, Even if it's your friend..Sometimes they backstab you. There's many forms of scamming but the most common is "SEND ME ______ AND YOU GET MY _____!"..Chances are, If you send the items, They will leave/log off. Tons of people get scammed this way..But others have smarter ways of doing it.

The reason I put this last is because I HATE THIS THE MOST! One of my friends, Today came into my den and told me they sent all their rares and recycled everything. Some of you might think Wow! She's nice. She sent her rares to other people! No. She said these words: "Since I sold all my stuff, You should give me a glove. I want blue." Later she also said "ur rude and selfish" I have the screenshot of that but I can;t upload. You know what I replied with? I said "YE I AM!"..I mean I can be like that when it's a item I REAAAAAAALY  like. This has gotten off topic :|

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