Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to word something right

This is a small post to help you not talk like some person who doesn't know what school is.


Hai dere wazzup how ya doin deres a new itemz in de shop i dunno what shop go find out urself btw be my budz. bai go biy da new item itz epic

That...was so hard to write.

Better, Improved, But not quite version:

Hi there! How are you doing? There's a new item but I don't know what store it's in. Be my buddy! My username is ILoveCheese! Go buy the new item it's awesome!

You are still missing some things.

Best version: (I hope)

Hi there! How are you doing? There's a new Item in Sarepia Forest! It's the cactus. It cost 150 gems. Also, Please be my buddy. My user is name is Cheezeisgreat

(note: I don't like cheese that much but whatever :P)

Here's what you need when posting a new item:

  • Price
  • Place (shop)
  • What the item is
  • Screenshot (if possible, I can't sometimes)
  • Member/ Non member
  • Rare monday/ Regular
I think that's all, Tell me if I missed any.

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